Young Entrepreneur World

Young Entrepreneur World

Young Entrepreneur World contains interviews with 25 of the world's most influential young entrepreneurs, youth activists and changemakers with a vision to create positive change.  Fraser is just one of the many interesting people interviewed in this book.

Their interviews deliver empowering messages on a personal, business and political scale. The book shares their success stories and how they got to where they are today. It also challenges the unwanted statement of whether today's youth are a lost generation. How can young people today plan for a better future for themselves? What options do they have and how can they embark upon an entrepreneurial life? Will the youth of today be left behind by society and will many struggle to get into higher education, seek employment and earn a healthy living? These are just some of the questions which this book provides insights and answers to. 

The solution is simple...bringing together the world's most influential young people who have been able to break out of the 'lost generation' shell is vital as it is they who will lead the way to inspiring, guiding and educating the youth of today. It is possible for young people to achieve success even in these times of doom and gloom. The young entrepreneurs profiled come from all over the world Europe, the US, Asia and Australia and started their journeys from their teenage years. This book will challenge and inspire young people of today to break out of their comfort zone and create a successful and fulfilling future for themselves.


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