The Toaster Project

The Toaster Project

I guess I spend more time than the average person in the company of toasters..  But, even then, I hadn't ever spent the time to think about how toasters are made; or any other household appliance for that matter.  The Toaster Project tells the stories of all of the hundreds of parts of the toaster; where the metals come from (nickel comes from one of the most polluted places on Earth - a small town in Russia that is so polluted there isn't a tree in any direction for 30 miles!) and how they are processed to create an item that ultimately is sold for £3.74.

It might sound boring but the style is very funny.  Ultimately, Thomas essentially fails to make a toaster.  He reflects on how technology and economies of scale make cheap toasters possible, along with the fact that their true cost is hidden (who pays to clean up the most polluted towns in the world and what happens when we throw the toaster 'away'?).


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