5. Dear Entrepreneur

5. Dear Entrepreneur

Fraser contributed a letter about his experience of starting SuperJam and the lessons he learned to this great new book by Andrew Blackman and Danny Bailey.

Do you want to leave your 9-5?
Do you want to be your own boss?
Are you an entrepreneur?

Dear Entrepreneur is a collection of letters from business founders who have been there and done it.

Their letters are to you, the reader, and contain advice, words of wisdom, motivation and true-life stories of how they started up their businesses.

Have we captured your thoughts?
Is there a little urge inside of you?

'No matter how tough it's been, no matter how many times we've been told 'no' or 'it won't work', not for one second has any of us regretted the moment we set up Innocent full time. If you re thinking of setting up your own business, we couldn't recommend it highly enough.'
- Richard Reed, Innocent Drinks

Read this book and who is to say you won't start the biggest adventure of your life?

Type: book

Vendor: SuperJam

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