Fraser has shared his incredible story through over 300 speeches (76 in 2011), in more than 25
countries around the world. For multinationals such as Kraft Foods, IBM, Accenture
and KPMG, as well as financial institutions including Barclay's, Coutt's and RBS.

He has spoken at leading universities such as Columbia in New York, the London
School of Economics and Moscow State University. He's been invited to speak at The
Scottish Parliament, the Bank of England, the Chartered Institute of Personnel
Development and the Institute of Directors.

Many of Fraser's audiences have been small business owners and budding
entrepreneurs – such as at his national tour with Business Link, his speech for at the Hello Etsy conference in Berlin and at the Collegiate Entrepreneur's
conference in Chicago.

Fraser has spoken about Social Media at the British Library, Packaging Design at
Howest University in Belgium, FMCG Marketing at the `Food Industry Council'
conference in Vancouver and to over 2,000 schoolchildren at Disneyland.
He has delivered motivational speeches at various university and college graduation
ceremonies and provided a `live case study' for MBA students in Ireland as well as
new recruits at the consultancy firm Accenture.