Posted on March 17, 2013 by Fraser Doherty

This week, I was invited to speak at the Global Issues Network conference in Luxembourg, which was attended by a few hundred school kids from international schools around the world.  For 12-16 year olds they were extremely confident, ambitious and worldly - perhaps owing to the fact their parents were mostly diplomats, bankers and so on - most of the kids had already lived in a few different countries and spoke a few languages fluently.

As well as speaking at the conference, I got a chance to explore some of the sights of the richest country in the world (GDP per capita in Luxembourg is around $120,000, compared to less than $40,000 in the UK, $300 in Sierra Leone).  It definitely feels like a rich place - most of the shops sell Swiss watches, Belgian chocolates and Italian cars.  

It was a beautiful city, especially the old town, which is fortified.  They have a palace, a museum and a cathedral and I think there are some beautiful castles to see outside of the city.  I can't imagine spending more than a day there, but it was interesting to take a peek into the world of the 1%.

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