Posted on December 17, 2012 by Fraser Doherty

Although not the most exciting stop on my trip around China, I managed to squeeze in a quick walk around some of the sights of Dalian; a city in North East China, close to Russia and North Korea.  It was absolutely freezing (-15c), when we were there, but apparently there is a nice seaside in the Summer (although swimming is not advised, owing to a recent oil spill)..

Being so far north, Dalian was actually once occupied by Russia and there are a lot of Russians still living there - I saw plenty of Russian signs and took a walk along Russian Street, which had a whole load of colourful Russian buildings..

The only interesting thing I managed to see was the Dalian Central Market, a pretty huge department store selling all kinds of weird and wonderful Chinese food and drink.


My talk at Dalian Polytechnic University was pretty well-received, and the local TV station even came down and filmed an interview:

We stayed at Hotel Nikko Dalian, which was very plush and warm and had a nice view over a frozen city.

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