Copenhagen and Aarhus!

Posted on November 26, 2012 by Fraser Doherty


This year, in total, I have spent a couple of months in Denmark - working on launching SuperJam over there and also giving dozens of speeches about my adventures in jam.  I've already blogged about Copenhagen, but wanted to add a couple more things that I have found fun on recent weekends spent there.

Above, is the view from the top of the art museum in Aarhus (Denmark's second city), which is a huge modern art gallery that has a crazy rainbow tube thing on the top that you walk through and see all over the city.

In Aarhus, I had a nice meal and some drinks on Ã…boulevarden, a nice little river-side street full of eateries and bars.


Probably one of the highlights of my time in Copenhagen, was the Meatpacking District (even as a vegetarian!).  It's where all the hipstery types hang out until the small hours.  My favourite bar was Jolene's.

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