Hong Kong.

Posted on August 26, 2012 by Fraser Doherty


I recently visited Hong Kong for the first time, to see SuperJam launch in Frey & Ford's store there; our first outlet in Asia!

Out of the cities that I have visited this year, Hong Kong probably isn't one of my favorites.  Having said that, there were definitely a few things that I enjoyed seeing and doing there and I didn't even have time to do all that I wanted to (such as having afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel).

It's quite a surreal place; Hong Kong is China, but with Marks & Spencer.

Dim Sum is an institution in the city; the restaurants are packed at lunchtime, with trolleys darting around the tables offering up fresh and delicious plates for only a few quid.  I could eat Char Sui Bau (sweet pork buns) every day.  Out of the restaurants we tried, my favourite  was Luk Yu Tea House on Stanley Street.

We also visited the Man-Mo Buddhist Temple, where there were literally hundreds of spirals of incense burning and various religious bits and pieces to look at.  The temple was in the Sheung Wan district, which is filled with little shops selling antiques and communist memorabilia.  

A visit to China really wouldn't be complete without walking around a few fish and meat markets.  There are plenty around and they're filled with all kids of nauseating sights and smells.

There are also a few night markets, selling street food and fake handbags, which are quite fun to walk around to soak up the atmosphere in what is an undeniably energetic city.

The best view of the city is to be had from The Peak.  There's a big shopping mall that you can pay to go onto the roof of and also a restaurant that does a decent (if not overpriced) cocktail across the road.

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