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Last week, I was in Sydney to speak at the Young Minds conference, which was organized by the Dalai Lama's organization.  As well as meeting some really fascinating people (like Jessica Watson, the youngest person to sail around the world unaided, at 16!), I got to share my story with about 600 people.  It was really well received; i'm looking forward to doing a speaking tour back in Australia later this year..

Some highlights from my visit:

Bear Park at Elizabeth Harbour


I could have sat in the sun watching the little boats coming and going all day at Bear Park.  Bird & Bear there do a nice coffee too.

Crown Street

The little delis, grocery stores, bookshops and boutiques are always a great way to while away an afternoon.  I particularly recommend popping into The Standard Store, Maloney's Grocer and stopping for a coffee at Gnome.

Messina Ice Cream

I can barely tell you how excited I was when I set foot in this ice cream shop.  I was as excited as a, um, greedy Scottish pig in an ice cream shop..

These guys make ice creams that are a work of art and there is a queue out the door.  Next door to their more artistic store is a scoop shop, selling dozens of mind-blowing flavours.  I had a Super-Mario style mushroom ice cream thing (filled with dulche de leche and coated in popping candy!) and a few scoops of ice cream next door.

Gelato aside, you'll struggle to find a bad meal in Sydney.  Its not cheap (although there are some tasty budget places like Sushi Train, a sushi belt restaurant chain; $3 a plate), but we had some cracking meals.  Some places I enjoyed were Bathers Pavilion; with a great view of Balmoral Beach, The Fish Shop in Potts Point and the Thai restaurant Spice I Am.  Cafe Dov does a mean breakfast.

A great spot for a drink is opulent, Colonial-style bar, The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst.  You obviously also need to grab one at the Sydney Opera House Bar and on or around Crown Street in Surry Hills.

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