Meeting Jerry (as in Ben & Jerry!)

Posted on May 24, 2012 by Fraser Doherty


Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting one of my all time heroes, Jerry Greenfield..

As part of Ben & Jerry's 'Join Our Core' competition, I had the chance to pitch SuperHoney - which is our new project that will be putting beehives into schools, scout halls and community gardens all over the country, giving kids a chance to learn about bees, the environment and sustainable food and drink.  We'll then be selling the honey they produce through SuperJam's existing 2,000+ supermarket outlets, raising funds to build even more community beehives.

When I was about 16, I read a book called 'Ben & Jerry's Double-Dip'; their story inspired me hugely and I very much related to their ideas about business being more than just making money.

Jerry (and the other judges, who included the likes of Harriet Lamb, head of the Fairtrade Foundation and Wubbo Ockels, an astronaut!) loved my idea and gave me some great advice about what to do next.  

They're going to be sending me (along with 14 other social entrepreneurs) to Uganda in August to visit the Fairtrade cooperative that produces vanilla for the ice cream!

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