Temple Grandin TED Talk

Posted on April 13, 2012 by Fraser Doherty


One of my all-time favourite movies is "Temple Grandin", a biopic of an autistic girl who goes on to revolutionize the treatment and slaughter of animals, earning a degree, a masters, a PhD and a fortune along the way.

Born in the 40's; when society's views on most things, let alone learning difficulties, were not very enlightened, Temple Grandin was diagnosed as autistic as a child.  The film portrays her mother beautifully; she insists that her daughter be allowed to go to regular school and does everything to stimulate and support Temple, despite harshness from other kids and a lack of understanding from their community.

Growing up in the small town American South, Temple becomes fascinated by cattle and begins to realise that, being autistic, she sees the world in a similar way to them.  She goes on to visit slaughterhouses - where she is horrified by the brutality and insensitivity towards the animals.  

Over the course of her career, she has designed slaughterhouse systems that now mean the majority of animals are slaughtered in a much more humane way than before.  Her story, writing and speeches have had a huge impact on society's attitude towards and understanding of people with autism.

In her amazing TED talk, she speaks about how important it is that we all see the world from different perspectives and how people with Autism have so much talent and ability, if only society could understand them better.

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