Being Elmo (Documentary)

Posted on April 13, 2012 by Fraser Doherty

I LOVED this documentary!

This is the amazing story of a boy who "played with dolls" in his High School years and went on to create Elmo, the most loving and best-loved character in Sesame Street (the show that taught me, and probably everyone of my generation, the alphabet!).

What's inspiring about Kevin Clash's story is the message that you should always do what makes you happy, what feels right to you; even if people might laugh at you along the way.  

Elmo's success and stardom came relatively unexpected and his creator finds himself on a bewildering worldwide tour, seeing Elmo becoming a world-wide phenomenon.  

I couldn't help but cry at the scene where we see Elmo talking to a sick kid, whose only 'Make A Wish' request was to meet him.

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