Korean TV Shopping!

Posted on September 04, 2015 by Fraser Doherty

These past few days have been pretty spectacular.  Definitely the opening of an exciting new chapter in the SuperJam story.  We launched on Lotte TV Home Shopping's "Choi Yura Show" - the No. 1 TV Home Shopping show in Korea, hosted by my new friend, the country's answer to Martha Stewart.

I have been intensively studying Korean for the past month or so to prepare for this show.  We also sent a forty foot shipping container full of jam in anticipation of the show's success.  I really had no idea if this would work or not - Korean customers are notoriously tough and nobody has ever tried selling jam on TV shopping there before.  

But for one reason or another, my story has become pretty popular in this fast-paced, high tech, crazy country.  My on-screen use of the Korean language left a lot to be desired but the audience were apparently quite forgiving - placing orders in their thousands.

I've returned to the UK now to cook more jam and take more Korean classes.  If all goes to plan, we'll be doing another show for Christmas.


Christmas Korean TV Home Shopping Video!

BOMB Beer!

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