M.B.E. From The Queen!

Posted on June 16, 2014 by Fraser Doherty


I'm delighted to announce that on Saturday's Birthday Honours, the Queen awarded my Gran and I an MBE "for services to business".


From The Scotsman: "Deserved honour for Jam Master"

The standout award for me was the MBE for young jam maker Fraser Doherty who, at 24, is already a veteran of the food industry.

He started making jam at the age of 14 using his grandmother’s recipes. He said it was a way of making some extra pocket money. Now he’s a worldwide phenomenon and just about to start exporting his SuperJam to Japan.

Anyone who gets an opportunity to hear him speak should take advantage. He has a great story which he tells with humour and a level of maturity that would put many professional speakers on the circuit to shame.

Just where he ends up is anyone’s guess – probably back at the Palace when he becomes Sir Fraser – but for now he’s cherishing his award while modestly sharing the honour with the woman who made it possible. He plans to take his grandmother Susan with him when he is presented with it.

There could also be a surprise as he intends making a presentation of his own – giving a jar of his top-selling range to the Royal Family.

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