Package Holiday!

Posted on November 11, 2013 by Fraser Doherty

As you may already know, I am a packaging geek.  I've been kicked out of supermarkets in a dozen countries for taking photos of beautiful boxes, bottles and jars.  

I can easily spend an hour or more looking at the packaging in foreign supermarkets.  I think food and drink packaging not only teaches you about the eating habits of a nation, but also the psychology.  

I've started creating a series of little coffee table books, made up of the various inspirations that I have picked up on my travels through supermarkets.  The first in the series is Korea & Japan.

I love that by being tiny and cute, some brands are able to stand out in the incredibly noisy, crowded world of the asian supermarket.

Some brands are able to use traditional materials, such as this rice paper, all the while looking completely at home beside the checkout in a modern coffee shop chain.

I particularly love the effort that goes into designing packaging for such everyday products as milk.  In a region where people care about food safety more than anywhere else, there's a huge emphasis on using design to reassure consumers.

I just love these little vitamin potions.


You can buy a copy of my book, "Package Holiday: Adventures in Food Packaging" here.  



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