• I give talks about my entrepreneurial adventures.

  • I write articles about the places I go.

  • I've written a recipe book called The SuperJam Cookbook..

  • And a business book about my story called SuperBusiness.

"From my Gran's kitchen to the supermarket shelves and beyond."

1. SuperBusiness (Signed Copy)
£12.99 1. SuperBusiness (Signed Copy)
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2. The SuperJam Cookbook (Signed Copy)
£12.99 2. The SuperJam Cookbook (Signed Copy)
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3. SuperBusiness (Korean Edition)
£12.99 3. SuperBusiness (Korean Edition)
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4. SuperBusiness (Japanese edition)
£12.99 4. SuperBusiness (Japanese edition)
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"One of the leading motivational speakers in the UK" 

- Liz Cameron, Scottish Chambers of Commerce


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